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DINING ROOM The room This educational restaurant located in the beautiful Cataraqui estate on Chemin Saint-Louis, in the historic heart of Sillery, allows students enrolled in cooking and catering to study in a context of formal events. This high-level training is an undeniable asset for graduates when they enter the job market. booking You must first consult the activities available under the timetable section. To book, click on the Libro pictogram and enter the requested information. You will receive a confirmation by email. If you are unable to book and see the message: "No availability, please call us or try another date " is that all seats are filled or there is no meal in the room. eat that day. In this case, contact us so that we place your reservation on a waiting list or check if there are other availabilities. Complete dining room and modern furniture for the stay Do you want a harmonious living room, tastefully decorated and where it i


CATERING SERVICE Become a specialist in dining room service and drinks and wine! Get restaurant service training in the context of the hospitality industry. Acquire the skills and competencies to provide beverage and wine service, dining room service, food preparation, food and beverage control, hospitality and customer service. At the end of the program, the graduate will be able to communicate using culinary terminology and appropriate catering in the performance of his duties, to apply his skills in table service, customer reception, service wines, and beverages and use point-of-sale software. The student will be able to practice his training thanks to the laboratory exercises and the activities of the restaurant-school Les Jardins de La Cité, open to the public. PRACTICAL INFORMATION ·          Good physical fitness (ability to work upright and for long hours) ·          Manual skills ·          Flexibility and resourcefulness ·          Dynamism, soc

Catering professions

Catering professions: traveling to master the different cuisines In the hospitality industry, an international CV is the holy grail of recruiters. In fact, to become a pro cook, it is recommended to have tasted foreign specialties, to have learned new cooking techniques, to have learned gastronomic and cultural differences from other countries. A course in restoration enriched by the world's cuisines The ideal course in restoration would be to spend each year of his studies in a different country. For example, fly to Italy in your first year to learn how to cook pasta and pizzas to perfection, then to Spain to master the art of tapas. Take off for China in third grade and learn how to roll spring rolls. Dare South America in fourth year to taste its typical dishes rich in flavors. And you can even finish in the United States to learn how to cook good homemade burgers. Such a course, whatever the chosen countries, ensures you an easier professional integration. Sim

The 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Hotel, Catering, Tourism

The 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Hotel, Catering, Tourism Many students leave for part of their degree in Hospitality, Catering, Tourism abroad. An initiative that has become ... indispensable. Why ? 1) To open doors to you internationally The hotel, catering and tourism sector is inseparable from the international. Indeed, language proficiency and a good knowledge of the foreigner is an integral part of the job, which brings a lot of tourists daily. Studying Hospitality, Catering, Tourism in one or more foreign countries is a good springboard to work internationally afterward. You can thus create a very useful network and eventually seize great opportunities . 2) To widen your angle of view In this sector, it may be wise to open up to other ways of doing things, to observe other techniques, especially in catering. The cuisine is very different from one country to another, and each gastronomy has a lot to learn from another. In tourism, it is not a matter of assim

The trades and training of the Catering and Hospitality Service

The trades and training of the Catering and Hospitality Service Catering and Hospitality is a sector that recruits more and more varied profiles. These jobs of contact and permanent movement require different specific skills. The service professions in hotels and restaurants The hotel and catering service is undoubtedly one of the sectors that recruits the most. The trades in this sector of activity are varied and require diverse profiles. Specific skills depend on the institution and the job itself. Indeed, the knowledge of the sommelier is not necessary for a server in restoration, although a common core is necessary. Wine waiter The profession of sommelier can be practiced either in a gourmet restaurant, in a large luxury hotel or at a wine shop. Its role is to guide customers towards wines, but also liqueurs or champagnes, according to their tastes and desires. (Learn more about the profession of sommelier ) The Hotel Manager In the hotel and catering sector