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Catering professions: traveling to master the different cuisines

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In the hospitality industry, an international CV is the holy grail of recruiters. In fact, to become a pro cook, it is recommended to have tasted foreign specialties, to have learned new cooking techniques, to have learned gastronomic and cultural differences from other countries.

A course in restoration enriched by the world's cuisines

The ideal course in restoration would be to spend each year of his studies in a different country. For example, fly to Italy in your first year to learn how to cook pasta and pizzas to perfection, then to Spain to master the art of tapas. Take off for China in third grade and learn how to roll spring rolls. Dare South America in fourth year to taste its typical dishes rich in flavors. And you can even finish in the United States to learn how to cook good homemade burgers.

Such a course, whatever the chosen countries, ensures you an easier professional integration. Simply because, having traveled as much and discovered different cuisines, you prove that you are able to satisfy your potential customers and especially to be versatile. With such a rich CV, you open many doors: you are able to work in all types of restaurants.

Gain autonomy and improve your language skills abroad

Another asset: language learning. By dint of traveling in different countries, you learn to master different languages ​​... or at least English. In hospitality/catering, it is a plus: you can, during your career, deal with many foreigners, speak English well can then be very useful.

Finally, going abroad during your studies, whatever they are, will do you a lot of good. A stay in another country is gaining autonomy, maturity, personal development ... it is an experience certainly enriching and formative. That's why, especially if you study catering, you must not hesitate to fly to learn your job on the job, and in all its entirety.

A consulting area with workshops and conferences

In addition to this educational space, Digi School wishes to give you all the keys to succeed in your integration in the sector of Hospitality-Catering-Tourism. We put at your disposal several conferences and workshops, around testimonials of young professionals, experts or even students. The goal is to make you discover their everyday life, their career and their experience, to allow you to project yourself into a specific and enthusiastic professional project.

The plus point of the show with our historical partner Generation 15 25: individual flash coaching sessions! Indeed, you will be able to benefit from the advice of professional coaches on problems of school order, like problems of orientation, motivation, methods of work or even methods to learn how to manage your stress. Attention this workshop is on registration, I advise you to register quickly!


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