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The room

This educational restaurant located in the beautiful Cataraqui estate on Chemin Saint-Louis, in the historic heart of Sillery, allows students enrolled in cooking and catering to study in a context of formal events. This high-level training is an undeniable asset for graduates when they enter the job market.


You must first consult the activities available under the timetable section.

To book, click on the Libro pictogram and enter the requested information. You will receive a confirmation by email.

If you are unable to book and see the message: "No availability, please call us or try another date " is that all seats are filled or there is no meal in the room. eat that day. In this case, contact us so that we place your reservation on a waiting list or check if there are other availabilities.

Complete dining room and modern furniture for the stay

Do you want a harmonious living room, tastefully decorated and where it is good to spend time? Discover our modern dining collection full of modern lines, contemporary or exotic! So, whatever the decoration of your room, you can find furniture for your stay at attractive prices, which will go perfectly together. To create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, it's ideal! Especially since you have the choice between several styles of furniture, wood or MDF in particular. Above all, you benefit from a very interesting value for money and a selection regularly updated with new references.


  • ·        The room manager within the catering division ensures that his team sets up, serves and sets the tables.
  • ·        It is the interface between the users and the staff of the restaurant.
  • ·        He maintains the equipment and premises of the room and the kitchen
  • ·        It applies the procedures for food and culinary hygiene as well as the safety standards in force

Main activities :

  • ·        Organize and monitor the proper execution of the work
  • ·        Implement the restaurant management policy
  • ·        Conduct the evaluation of staff under its authority and translate the objectives of the service into individual objectives
  • ·        Treat the specific requests of users and service providers
  • ·        Greet users
  • ·        Manage the Activity of the room
  • ·        Implement the welcome policy
  • ·        Organize the room according to the services
  • ·        Inform the users on the origin of the food
  • ·        Participate in the team meetings with the Chef

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