The 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Hotel, Catering, Tourism

The 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Hotel, Catering, Tourism

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Many students leave for part of their degree in Hospitality, Catering, Tourism abroad. An initiative that has become ... indispensable. Why ?

1) To open doors to you internationally

The hotel, catering and tourism sector is inseparable from the international. Indeed, language proficiency and a good knowledge of the foreigner is an integral part of the job, which brings a lot of tourists daily.

Studying Hospitality, Catering, Tourism in one or more foreign countries is a good springboard to work internationally afterward. You can thus create a very useful network and eventually seize great opportunities .

2) To widen your angle of view

In this sector, it may be wise to open up to other ways of doing things, to observe other techniques, especially in catering. The cuisine is very different from one country to another, and each gastronomy has a lot to learn from another. In tourism, it is not a matter of assimilating techniques, but knowledge: it is essential to go exploring the world to know what we are talking about when we guide tourists.

3) To perfect your language level

In Hospitality, Catering, Tourism, language proficiency is an essential criterion for recruiters. Speaking fluently English is essential, and knowing other languages ​​is a real plus. Going to follow a part of your curriculum abroad will help you improve your language skills .

4) To develop your ability to adapt

The stranger can impress and intimidate. But an international stay will push you out of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to learn how to adapt. And when you return, you will be more open-minded and able to accommodate you in any context.

5) To find your own style

Going abroad while studying Hospitality, Catering, Tourism will give you enough knowledge and skills to identify your own style. You can draw ideas from different gastronomies to determine your own signature. Even in hotels, international experiences are always good to take and, once crossed, become a wealth for the hotelier.

At your disposal, an entire educational space

Several schools in the sector will be present, some with international degrees. You will be able to benefit from an individual and personalized meeting with the recruiters of the school which corresponds to you, it will be the occasion for you to deepen your professional project and to ask all the questions which you have in mind!

I invite you to consult now, the website of the show to discover the organizations that correspond most to your professional project, training up to Bac + 5 will be proposed.

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