The trades and training of the Catering and Hospitality Service

The trades and training of the Catering and Hospitality Service

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Catering and Hospitality is a sector that recruits more and more varied profiles. These jobs of contact and permanent movement require different specific skills.

The service professions in hotels and restaurants

The hotel and catering service is undoubtedly one of the sectors that recruits the most. The trades in this sector of activity are varied and require diverse profiles. Specific skills depend on the institution and the job itself. Indeed, the knowledge of the sommelier is not necessary for a server in restoration, although a common core is necessary.

Wine waiter

The profession of sommelier can be practiced either in a gourmet restaurant, in a large luxury hotel or at a wine shop. Its role is to guide customers towards wines, but also liqueurs or champagnes, according to their tastes and desires. (Learn more about the profession of sommelier )

The Hotel Manager

In the hotel and catering sector, the hotel manager takes care of the guests as soon as they arrive at the establishment. Its role is to offer customers the best welcome and ensure the best service in the room. (Learn more about Butler's profession )


Whether in a small restaurant, a café, a brewery or a gourmet restaurant, the waiter is the relay between the kitchen and the customers. Its role is to welcome customers and install them at a table to take their orders, serve them. (Learn more about the Server job )


Unlike the server, the bartender only deals with drinks. Whether in a large restaurant, a luxury hotel or simply in a bar or nightclub, its role is to prepare alcoholic drinks or not, cocktails, beer or other specialties. (Learn more about Barman's job )

Hotel and restaurant service training

To work in the hotel and restaurant sector, you can choose a large number of courses. The service professions of this professional sector require specific training and unique qualities.

The CAP restaurant

The first qualification that allows working in the service of the hotel and catering is undoubtedly the nouveau restaurant. This diploma trains you on sales and service in the restaurant room. You will also discover the dressage of the table, the service of the dishes and drinks but especially the management of the customers.

The CAP Services in brewery-coffee

You can also specialize in CAP Services in breweries. This specific diploma makes it possible to accentuate the training on breweries and cafés. It allows you to learn how to set up a counter, take orders, service, and payment.

The BP Sommelier and the MC Sommelier

You can also specialize with a BP sommelier or a MC Sommelier . This very specific diploma allows you to manage the marketing of alcoholic beverages and especially wines.

The BTS Hospitality-Catering option A

The BTS Hospitality-catering option A marketing and hotel management is the most comprehensive post-baccalaureate training to work in the service of the hotel and catering. This BTS even allows you to develop superior skills, management, and management.


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